Character Creation

It is preferred that you use the GURPS Character Assistant 4 (GCA) to create your character. This is simply for ease of use and record keeping. As the GM, I would also like to have an up-to-date copy of your character sheets (either hard copy or updated character sheet on-site) and the GCA makes it easy to send/receive them. My having your sheet will make it easier for me to recognize your Disadvantages and Advantages to give you bonuses/penalties appropriate to your character as well as subsequent experience for roleplaying your character.

Base Starting Points: 80
Disadvantage Limit: -40 (the limit will always be one-half your point total)
Quirk Limit: -5 (I’m counting these separate from your Disadvantages)
Base TL: 8

Starting Cash: $2,000

Remember: You’re living in a post-apocalyptic world akin to Fallout though instead of an arid, barren wasteland, you’re in a humid plains to jungle environment. Any equipment left over from the last era is most likely rusted to ruin or consumed by vegetation. Weapons and ammunition are a valuable commodity and should be used wisely. The engine blocks of vehicles have become inoperable bricks of scrap metal and what little working electronic equipment that can be found has come from previous landfall via orbital stations.

Everyone in The Bunker has a role to play in society be it a medic, engineer, security specialist or horticulturalist, just to name a few. Many of these jobs are assigned from the skill sets of the past lives of “Immigrants” (those cryogenically frozen people who fell from orbital stations) or the “New-Born” population (those who were born during the current era) who are raised in positions as-needed by society.

Character Creation

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